Saturday, August 24, 2019

Paris Crow In Bronze

On the way to Bois de Boulogne is a little parc. 

In that parc there is a work of public art; this is a crop of that work.

Too bad that we - the United States of America, but really, to their first time realization, to the total disadvantage the whole world -  have an idiot like donnie masquerading as POTUS: 
his shortcomings are of a magnitude to elude enumeration, but one of the hoard is that,
he doesn't know about public (but he will talk about pubic) art.

So it - public art -  must not be of any use.

Since donnie doesn't know about it.

I think this image disproves that ignorant and  false premise.

I see donnie sitting with his arms folded, his visage orange, and his comb-over flitting in the wind and snarling as he tweets:
"we don't need no fucking public art around here".

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