Monday, August 19, 2019

Watching donnie Cut And Run

Now that ISIS (the outfit donnie has declared out of business) killed at least 63 wedding celebrants in Kabul over the weekend, donnie’s peace team are frantically accelerating their exit talks with the Taliban.

The Taliban are pretty upset that ISIS has gotten a bigger mass murder on the books than they do.

So they are pretty interested in helping donnie and the peace guys make as hasty an exit as possible.

So they can get back in the killing-and-mayhem driver’s seat.

Calling the trump shambles (can’t really call it an “administration”) a Key Stone Kops enterprise is an insult to the Kops.

But it would at least be amusing if it weren’t such an example of cowardly pragmatism.

Colin Powell used to say “if you break it, you own it”.

Too bad nobody ever listens to great Americans.

They just like to follow idiots.

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