Monday, August 5, 2019

donnie’s Got Things Going Real Good Now–Part II

Apparently he is winning the trade war; he has said they are easy to win and China just devalued its currency, so donnie must be winning; why else would China devalue its currency?

And the stock market went up 767 points today.

donnie is such a brilliant bidnessman.

Or was it down 767 points?

Doesn’t matter.

donnie is such a brilliant bidnessman.

And he has categorically said that white supremacists are not to blame for all those mass shootings.

Or maybe he said they were to blame.

For all those mass shootings.

All he can do is lie, so it really doesn’t matter what he might say.


So it doesn’t matter what he says.

He just lies.


But the Croatian whore looked all upset in the pictures that I saw.

Of her and donnie.

Real Kennedyesque stuff, I thought.

They are real nice people – the white supremacists – he said that with mikey the monkey masquerading as vice president looking vacant eyed into space behind him in a recent picture that I saw.

He says it’s the gay married people – I thought that I heard today, who are to blame.

“Probably trying to get after Mayor Pete”, I thought to myself.

So donnie has covered all the prerequisite bases; what a great american.

The militias are gearing up just in case though.

Or they are gearing up, therefore.

Probably the latter, I would think.

They need to gear up and take control of their sectors.

Just in case somebody somewhere says that they have had enough of this shit.

donnie wouldn’t like that.

And Moscow Mitch would not be amused.

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