Friday, August 23, 2019

Let’s Tally The Results So Far

Now that we are almost three quarters through donnie’s charade let’s look at all the things he promised.

I assume we got them all.

A beautiful wall across our southern border paid for by Mexico.

4% or more quarterly GDP growth.

A fabulous health care plan.

Total redo of our infrastructure.

A massive resurgence in coal industry jobs.

Elimination of the National Debt.

Let’s look at the tally sheet.

The wall hasn’t happened and if it did ever happen Mexico has made it clear that they aren’t paying for it.

GDP is in fact –except for one quarter, the one after the rich folks’ tax cut -  2% and expected to be less by half a point for the next decade, if there isn’t an intervening recession.

donnie has done everything he can to cripple ObamaCare and is in court trying to kill it; there is no plan on the table for its replacement.

Several months ago donnie stormed out of an infrastructure meeting before it had been convened and said he was not going to do infrastructure anymore.

Last month several thousand coal mining jobs disappeared in Wyoming; and there were only about 19,000 in the mines when donnie took the helm, so a few thousand gone is what Kelly Ann calls negative progress.

The annual deficit this year is going to be about a trillion, and will exceed that for the foreseeable future. (That’s Swampland speak for “the next decade or more”; given that the aggregate national debt is currently about 22.5 trillion, those deficits might add up to real dough; but remember, donnie is a brilliant bidnessman; I am sure he has a plan or a lie, or he can blame somebody else).

So what has gone awry in the trump swamp"?

I think I heard him tweet recently that everybody is picking on him..

Today he DID order American business out of China, though.

That’s pretty bizarre,  one would think.


Please tell me what I have just written is the treatment for pitching some weird reality show pilot or some off center comedy successor to Veep.

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