Saturday, August 17, 2019

It Has Been Interesting

Several years ago I told Comcast cable to fuck off.

I cut the cable.

I was pretty worried.

I was afraid I might become psychotic without 100 or so channels that I never watched.

I knew not why.

But that was how I felt.


Several years later I can’t believe that I was ever in thrall to the cable access life.

I listen to NPR on my KUOW app over WIFI and watch PBS on the legally mandated digital over-the- air channels, when weather and such allow me to receive it, and I donate to both NPR and PBS every year.

Sometimes I donate more than once.

Tonight I saw John Sebastian host the most comprehensive documentary of American folk music that I have ever seen.

It made me donate.

But then I would not have expected any less from John.

The best of the best, I mean.

He and his bandmates saved my life when I was in Vietnam.

So I have always had a soft spot in my heart for them and him.

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