Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Un Gros Poulet

When I am in Paris I buy a rotisserie gros poulet almost every week.
I get them at Boucherie Claude.
It's a short walk from where I live.
And they are the best chicken I have ever had.
The first one I ever bought there cost 30 francs.
Now they cost 8 Euros.
The first night I eat one hind quarter.

The second night I eat the other hind quarter.
That leaves the breast for a sandwich poulet.
I take those to Parc Montsouris with a small bottle of wine and have a picnic.
I have learned to save the bags from my daily baguette.
Several bags, each inside the other, make an ideal carrying container for a sandwich poulet.
With tomato, moutard de Dijon and mayonnaise they get pretty leaky.

When I get to the Parc I look to see if my favorite bench is available for lunch.
It has a good view of the little lake.
The pigeons and ducks come up and look for crumbs and beg.
It's a fairly sublime experience.
I spent D Day 2014 doing this.
That was one of my best blog posts.
I think, anyway.
Seventy Years To The Day

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