Wednesday, March 10, 2021

A New Concept: The Interchangeable republican

 In the run up to final passage in the House and ultimate signing into law by Joe Biden of the most recent Covid Relief Bill I have heard various republican Congress People interviewed.

I was pretty sure of what I would hear from them: 

  • It's too big
  • It needs to be targeted
  • It pays rapists and criminals
  • There has been and still is copious money from the bill's predecessors
  • It has massive components that have nothing to do with "the virus"
  • The economy is real good already
  • And on and on and blah and blah
I am going to take a parenthetical exit for a moment to give the counter bullets to each of these.

  • We learned in 2009 the cost of going too small; both Jay Powell and Janet Yellen have reminded us incessantly of that lesson learned; so the bill may be big enough.
  • Targeted like donnie's fiasco tax cut for the 1%?  We're dealing with disaster here, and it's a disaster for the mass majority of Americans; the bill is, therefore "targeted" by definition.
  • Under the terms of the bill it is possible for incarcerated people to get a stimulus check; that will, apparently not be easy, but it will be possible; I have no idea why.
  • If all that money is there why are so many micro businesses and minority-owned businesses unable to get any of it?
  • Museums, restaurants, music venues, etc. etc. etc. are all vital parts of our culture and our lives; they are all front line casualties in the face of the covid attack; they also employ massive numbers of people who are no longer employed because of the virus; the republicans are employing a clumsiest-I-have-ever-seen attempt at false causality - or maybe it should be called inverse false causality: "museum" / "virus"; I see no connection between those "words".
  • What happened to the fourteen million employed people who were out there in February 2020?
  • Back atcha: blah, blah, blah.
But the point to this thing I am writing is not that, as usual the republicans have trucked out their bogus frames - known in a lot of circles as lies.

The point is yet to be pointed to.

The point is, every republican Congress Person I have heard interviewed have said all six (some blah blah also) of the above points.

And they recited them in the exact order as the six points above.

That's spooky.

They didn't even stop to breathe until they had dumped their rehearsed, memorized, in that order, recitation.

(In the early days of the computer era when a computer found an inexecutable error it would perform a core dump; a core dump was a printout of the position of every one of the little on/off ferrous doughnuts of which the computer's memory was comprised; the resultant listing was of significant use to minds greater than mine.

Watching these republican Congress People dump their core reminded me of those almost forgotten days.

I have thought for a long time that republicans all come out of some central casting office located in an upscale mall in and upscale city somewhere.

It is unnerving to learn that they are really all rolled off an assembly line in a robot plant in Texas or Arkansas.

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