Friday, March 5, 2021

Images For Early March 2021

In the spring squirrels like to eat the sticky new buds on deciduous trees; I think they are a little sweet. 

Alfie was trying to figure out how to take a shower.

Terns on the Seine

Stairs to the quai on the Seine

Spring on the Seine; later sand will be brought in to make beach.

Parc Montsouris parrots

Life on the Seine

A fern living in a seam in the sea wall on the Seine

On rainy days I go to the Aquarium Tropical; it's me and hoards of little kids on fieldtrips from school.

This is the basement of the apartment I usually live in when I am in Paris.  The light is on a timer so things can get pretty spooky if one doesn't bring a flashlight.

Les Bouquinistes  on the left.

Harlequin ducks

A totally not ripe salmon berry

Grass seed and large rock (a still life)

Lopez fireworks

A cowbird caught in flight

I think this was in Florence

This too?

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