Friday, March 19, 2021

The Sacklers' Fun Little Defense

The family who own Purdue Pharma have agreed to pay a bunch of money (way less than would be a significant dent in their opioid fortune, but a lot of money) but have found themselves still not off the hook.

Rational people who would like justice done keep coming after them.

It turns out the even Purdue Pharma has been having  them investigated.

I guess Purdue wants to know, like the rest of us, if the Sacklers are the murdering clan of criminals that they appear to be.

So the battle goes on.

To get to the 4.7 billion dollar settlement that the Sacklers have already agreed to - with the condition that they have no guilt - they have spent a lot on lawyers' fees and spent a lot of time in court; it should be pointed out that their lack of guilt really isn't out of step with a payment of 4.7 million dollars, they just think it appropriate to reduce their monumental cash stash in the name of being good citizens.

So it is unsettling, at least for the Sacklers, that everybody keeps coming after them.

So they have had to mount a new and slam dunkedly pervasive defense.

Here it is:

The Sackler Defense

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