Thursday, March 11, 2021

God It's Nice To Have A President Again

 After four years of an empty White House - on 20 January 2017 an empty gold plated Cadillac drove up and donnie got out - I had forgotten how it felt to have a President.

I have had inklings of the return of that feeling since Joe won.

Inauguration Day was an uplifting experience.

But it wasn't until a few minutes ago that the full flood of joy at The Return of the President came upon me - just recently, January 20 2021, a 1975 Pontiac station wagon drove up and Joe and Jill got out; and they went into the White House; and they immediately began to retrieve America from the dustbin of history.

Tonight's speech was a good one; I think in time it will be called a great one.

The law that Joe signed into existence only briefly before the speech is going to be marked by future historians as the law that showed America the way out of darkness and put her on the path back to confluence with the paths that Lincoln, Grant, and Franklin Roosevelt had already put us on.

Those paths - one path once again - all are heading in the same direction: to realize and make actual and tangible the soaring words of The Declaration of Independence.

We have, in the dark four years from which we have recently exited, learned that full tilt fascist, racist, mindless hatred can emanate from an empty White House.

Tolkien brilliantly painted verbal images of an internally spinning maelstrom of mindless but purposeful hate, ignorance, malice and just plain raw desire to destroy.

I had fun, just previously, with the old empty car joke; but it lets donnie off way too easily; the car that drove up that fateful day in 2017 to the front of the White House wasn't empty; it didn't have a President, but it did have Tolkien's maelstrom.

Tonight we have seen the maelstrom banished with the Return of the President.

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