Monday, March 15, 2021

The Border Again

 I am not going to go into some involved convoluted - deucedly clever - defense of Biden so far about the border or it's larger sibling, immigration.

All I am going to say is that since the fairly human and fairly pragmatic law passed in, think it was 1987, we have been going down hill on how to deal with the fact that a lot of people in the world would like to come and be melted in our pot, along with all of the rest of us.

The horror of that proposition to white supremacists finally boiled the pot over in 2016 and got donnie elected.

And donnie unleashed what I have called - in a previous post - Tolkien's Maelstrom on the land: he did every violent, pornographic, mindless thing he could think of to people whose only fault has been that they aren't white trump voters.

So Biden inherited an immigration situation that had gone from shambles in the years after Reagan signed a pretty decent law through Obama, who didn't seem to want to deal with the mess, to a humanitarian disaster under donnie who gleefully unleashed sadism on the situation.

Biden from day one has said that that level on inhumanity can't persist.

Not surprisingly, a lot of desperate human beings heard that as a sign that the United States was going to again open its arms to people like them.

Like numerous other times in the last 33 years we have a lot of people hoping to escape criminal gangs, organized rape squads, massive extortion of anyone who has been able to achieve even minimal prosperity and just general daily horror, all of which are part of their daily lives in their native lands.

So now we have the worst of all worlds: four years of backlog of demand for being able to move to America crashing headlong into 33 years of deterioration of any system that could cope with any demand, let alone the post donnie bubble.

That isn't to say that Biden should get a political bye on this one.

That is to say he needs to go to the mattresses on this one.

The other night he proved he can give a speech among the best we have heard in a while.

He needs to go to the people again, and soon, with another speech of that caliber.

He needs to tell America why we must have a welcoming immigration system, not a premise for sadists and criminals - ICE - to have some fun.

He needs to remind us all of the words and commit to them, that are on the plaque on the Statue of Liberty; he needs to remind us that those words are not an aspiration, they are an obligation; they are an obligation that all of us who have been so lucky as to have been born here owe the rest of the world.

That obligation is that we must exorcise all the capricious and pornographic sadism from donnie's only real legacy and replace it with a real immigration system.

Of course there need to be rules and there need to be controls and there needs to be organization; but our obligation says that we must also be welcoming; we must also be open minded; we must also be - human.

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