Thursday, March 11, 2021

Bipartisan Is A republican Bullet Point ...

 ... not a meaningful component of anything in the real world.

The real world is where fourteen million jobs have disappeared, probably never to be seen again.

The real world is where a half million of our fellows have died from catching what the republicans call a hoax.

The real world is where the recently purged occupant of the White House told us in the days of his tenor in office that we should drink Clorox and not wear face masks.

The real world is where the current President is going to sign the most "help the people rebuild their lives" spending bill of American history into law.

The real world is where the following poll was just promulgated by CNN Polling Director Jennifer Agiesta:

"In the new poll, 61% support the $1.9 trillion economic relief bill proposed by Biden and expected to pass in the House Wednesday, and several key provisions of the bill are even more popular. A broad majority of Americans (85%) say they support policies in the bill that would provide larger tax credits for families and make them easier for low-income households to claim, including majorities across party lines (95% of Democrats and 73% of Republicans support it). Around three-quarters favor provisions to provide funding to facilitate a return to the classroom for K-12 students (77%), and sending stimulus checks worth up to $1,400 per person to most families and individuals (76%). Both of those policies also have majority support across party lines (55% of Republicans support each, among Democrats, support tops 90% for each one)."

In the republican world there is a lot of tooth gnashing about something being cancelled (I have no idea what they are talking about); in the republican world there is a lot of hue and cry that several Dr. Seuss titles that haven't sold a copy in years have been taken out of print because they deal heavily in visual racial stereotypes; in the republican world there are over a hundred voter suppression laws being crafted for speedy adoption across all the states with republican dominated legislatures; in the republican world every republican elected to the House or the Senate is totally interchangeable: each one says the same things, in the same order and at the same high decibel level.

In the republican world those same interchangeable beings all say that there is a fatal flaw in the Covid relief act about to be signed into law; that flaw is that it is not bipartisan.

It is not bipartisan because no republicans voted for it.

The will of the people be damned; republicans are not going to endorse a really good deal for the American people; that's not what republicans do; they appear on Fox News and add their voices to the constant cascade of lies that spews from that cancerous institution.

If the poll noted above is not HEADING TOWARD UNANIMITY I don't know what it is.

If the republicans would abandon their frames and their agendas and their words carefully crafted to elicit hysteria, but which, when examined, mean nothing, and instead try to find out what the people really need and want, they would find the path to their treasured state of bipartisanship.

It's only a vote away.

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