Saturday, July 17, 2021

A Clear Threat

 In donnie's second trial a compelling case was presented against him.

It was especially compelling because if one had not been brain dead during the events leading up to impeachment and the subsequent trial, one already knew about all the crimes that were being used as evidence for a guilty verdict.

All the prosecution did was to organize and present the crimes in an especially enlightening and clearly stated manner.

So a guilty verdict was easy to get to.

Fifty seven jurors did vote to convict.

"So what's with the other forty three"? one might ask.

They were forty three of the fifty that subsequently blocked any serious investigation of the events of insurrection day.

One could conclude that the fifty - the other seven having had a serious talking to about loyalty to der fuehrer - didn't want any more facts about the treason of insurrection day and the part that many of the fifty played in those events to get any serious discussion.

Now that we have heard the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff not mince any words - donnie was planning a coup d'etat - the plot thickens.

The fifty want to cover up the failed coup so they can do better at the one currently being planned.

As subsequent confirmation of donnie's treason continues to become known, the refuge of "knowing nothing" is going to become a house of cards.

I hope it crumbles before the Republic.

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