Monday, July 12, 2021

Do You Ever Wonder Where You Were When ...

 Something happened?

I think that I remember experiencing that phenomenon a number of times.

But I can't remember the number.

Or the times.

And I can't remember what I wasn't there to know about.

(Maybe Chappaquiddick; certainly JFK in Dallas).

But that changed over this last weekend.

Somewhere between "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" and "Weekend Edition Sunday" with Lourdes Navarro Garcia I heard something about demonstrations in Cuba.

"How odd" I thought to myself, and went on about my weekend.

It's Monday and there are updates and interviews and perspectives and never ending coverage about those demonstrations - which are apparently ongoing - in every sub-iteration of the current hourly news, even "PBS News Hour".

This may be something of consequence.

Ninety miles from Miami.

Maybe Cuban kids are finally wanting to be sorta free like the rest of us.

These kids are in Paris.

They look pretty happy.

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