Friday, July 30, 2021

An Interesting Death Machine

 Early this year a lot of us got vaccinated as soon as spotty supply, ridiculous logistics and phantom vaccine sites would allow.

One would have expected all of us to be in line ASAP to be vaccinated.

But no.

A group of - apparently - nearly half of us have decided to exercise their god given right to resist government over-reach and to protect the sanctity of their bodies, resisting the implantation of micro chips and modification of their DNA.

"Vital bodily fluids" from Strangelove seems to be a term back in the republican world view.

That dichotomy turns out to be a problem.


While nearly half of us are standing around un-vaccinated the virus is spreading and mutating; half of us is a big opportunity for spreading and mutating.

As a result of that spreading and mutating we now have much more spreadable variants.

Those of us that are vaccinated are pretty safe from infection at all, let alone serious infection or death.

But the un-vaccinated are sitting ducks for a much more - orders of magnitude - spreadable version of our old Covid friend.

So where the unvaccinated rate is high the Covid 19 infection/hospitalization/death rate is also going back to early pandemic levels.

But wait; there's more.

It turns out that the known fact that the vaccinated can be populated with the new variant, and that that is pretty much a no-problem situation is only part of the story.

It is now known that those of us vaccinated that get populated with the variant, get populated with a vengeance: we become spewers of massive doses of the variant into the air that we all breathe.

That of course is probably not good news for the unvaccinated.

I assume the republicans will pass a law rounding all of us who are vaccinated into concentration camps.

And break out the gas chambers.

They need to protect the base.

If that doesn't happen we will apparently see the infection/hospitalization curve go backward tilting vertical, hospitals will cease to function under the load, vaccinated people's death threatening conditions - like heart attacks and car wrecks - will all die in the streets due to there being no hospitals, and the variant will be able to continue to massively mutate until it comes up with a vaccine proof version and all of us will begin dying of Covid 19 and its children.

It seems to be time to re-learn that old time dance, Dans Macabre.

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