Sunday, July 18, 2021

We Need A Blank In The List Of Presidents

 I have a little pamphlet that I bought when I made a visit to Versailles.

It is called The Genealogy of the Kings of France.

The first name and associated information - pretty thin in this case - is Pharamond.

He was the first of a few Chefs de France - pre kings of France,

The list fairly quickly becomes a list of Kings of France.

I found it interesting that Charles Martel was in the list of kings.

He was Maire de Palace and - with bastard blood - had royal connections, but he had never been Dauphin.

At least, in my superficial knowledge of French history, I can't find him as much of a contender, or pretender to the throne.

But he led the French army to victory at Tours.

That was where France stopped the Muslims from getting any farther into Europe.

In Catholic France that was a big deal.

So Martel is in the list of Kings of France.

I should note that there aren't any Queens of France because of a thing called Salic Law.

That says that France will not be ruled by a woman.

Elizabeth I of England liked that law.

It kept her from having to deal with competent competition.

Ultimately, I have a point to all of this.

Napoleon is not in the list of French kings.

Napoleon was the greatest French leader in the history of France.

He never was king; he liked the title Emperor.

But he was every bit as much king as was Charles Martel.

Obviously I am understating my case.

If Charles is in the list of French monarchs, so should be Napoleon.

But that isn't even my point.

My point is, if a great country - France - chooses to leave out of its list of its leaders, its greatest leader, probably for political reasons, should not another great country - America - choose to expunge from its list of Presidents a documented traitor, criminal and sex offender - its worst excuse for a leader?

Someone who wasn't and never could have been even a leader?

(Sociopaths make noise but they don't lead.)

Someone who set America, and the world, back 100 or more years?

I won't live long enough to know the answer to those questions.


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