Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Images For Today - 28 July 2021

I was looking out the window of our hotel in Rennes.  There was some major construction in the drive up area to the train station.

This is rue de Sante.  When I walk down it here I feel as if I have walked into a canyon that functions as a time machine.

In 2012 the Seine got really high.  Or so I thought until I saw some of the historic high water marks that are scattered around the city.  On Ile de la Cité there is a mark about six feet up the side of a building; I can't remember the year that was annotated; maybe it was the year where people were going about in rowboats in the area where I usually stay.

Seed pods - really tiny fruit - in Parc Montsouris.

Life on the Seine

Tourists; when I first went to Paris they were mostly Japanese; these are from China. 

Part of a life sustaining market niche on Boulevard St Germaine at the Metro Maubert-Mutalité, this is one of two locations of this very good bakery; the niche has a fromager, a poissonerie, a boucherie and various other vital purveyors of essentials.

From a walk in the desert in New Mexico

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