Friday, July 30, 2021

The Big Lie In Metamorphosis

 From Brittany Bernstein of The National Review:

"Representative Elise Stefanik (R., N.Y.) on Tuesday claimed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 'bears responsibility' for the January 6 Capitol riot and accused the 'drooling media' of being 'too petrified' to question the Democratic leader about it.

"'The mainstream media serves as Lame Duck Nancy Pelosi’s loyal stenographers,' Stefanik wrote in a tweet. 'No questions allowed about Speaker Pelosi! All off limits.'"

Let's start with the obvious: that is among the most ridiculous things said this year by the republican party; and that's saying a lot; the ridiculousness stream from HQ Fasco-WhiteLand has been on "high" all year.

But that's just a lot of fun.

The rest that can be noted is a bit more sinister.

After a few weeks' gestation necessitated by the recent casting into the outer darkness of Liz Cheney and replacing her with Madame Stefanik as chair of the House Republican Conference (that function being the head propagandist of the gop house mob) the message is again being promulgated.

And this time it has really got its act together - the message, not the party.

A new pseudopod has been added to the amoeba-like structure known as the Big Lie.

The nucleus and immediately surrounding cellular gelatin of the Big Lie remains but now it has companion gelatin; it usta-was: the election was rigged, the fiendishly clever Democrats got into every voting machine in America and re-wrote the software so that Joe Biden would win, while many down ballot Democrats lost (making the election look more plausible); the republican wins were dictated by god and were therefore immune from fiendish Democrat code tampering.

Now that the new Chairman is in place that message has been expanded to include: Nancy Pelosi and a crypto committee of pedophiles and pizza eating atheists came together in a hidden sub-basement of the Capitol - over multiple weeks between 3 November and 5 January and recruited and trained godless pizza eating pedophiles and multitudes of other Democratic Party lackeys and ne'er-do-wells, complete with maps and diagrams of the Capitol and directions and orders to attack on 6 January; all of the attackers were given trump paraphernalia to hide their actual loyalties and beliefs and to make donnie look bad and give Pelosi another shot at impeachment.

The amoeba grows.

But let me switch metaphors.

It has become a blob.

I like that metaphor because a song from long ago, written by Burt Bacharach and Mack David, that was written for Steve McQeen's (the actor not the director) debut starring role movie of the same name (The Blob, not Steve McQueen) has lyrics perfect for what we are confronted with and will be until the republicans finally overthrow the government.

Beware of The Blob, it creeps

And leaps and glides and slides

Across the floor

Right through the door

And all around the wall

A splotch, a blotch

Be careful of The Blob

Listen to the song.


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