Sunday, March 22, 2020

A Couple Genies Have Escaped

From their bottles.

One is the genie that says we have to ration the internet; we have to give the big guys preference in access and, certainly, in price; we can't have network neutrality: all those little guys, treated equally, will swamp the net and civilization as we hope it to be will be brought to a halt.

All along, that viewpoint was obviously nothing but robber barren hype, the same as it has always been, and the same as it will always be.

But the republicans have forged forward with getting rid of network neutrality.

In the last few weeks massive numbers of Americans have started doing everything from home, using the internet; and the internet hasn't crashed.

When we get through the plague there will be no basis for anything but the cheapest, fastest, most availability-neutral possible internet.

The "we have to ration the internet" genie has escaped.

Ol' Mich and the boys can't put that genie back.

The other genie is that we can't afford to be a civilization that provides for the best possible life that citizens should expect; even things  as long term and provably affordable, like Social Security and Medicare are  not affordable, according to that genie: "we just don't have the money".

The quick track two trillion dollar tranche about to be dropped on the economy puts the lie to that.

So after all of this, if we can't get a country that provides a real life for everybody, we all need to get our pitchforks out and go after the bastards.

Two of their favorite genies have escaped and can't be put back.

There are probably more; I am not currently aware of them, though.

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