Monday, March 23, 2020

Our Shares

This is sort of another genie that has gotten out of its bottle.

And can't be put back.

The other two I have previously discussed.

Doling out and rationing drabs of ridiculously high priced internet to individuals while giving big corporations carte blanche, unfettered, low cost access is one of the genies.

Saying that we can't afford to provide a decent living experience for every American is the other.

Now, number three on the list is that we aren't going to continue to allow the government to dish out massive handouts of money to corporations every time the economy gets in trouble.

At least we are not going to allow them unless we the people get something back.

What we will  get back, what we are going to take as partial payment for bailing out corporations is 50% of their stock.

Shares will be issued to every American in the lower 90% income percentile.

Wealth solely for the wealthy has escaped from the bottle.

And we won't put it back.

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