Wednesday, March 4, 2020


If the novel that I am currently working on - 400 or so pages so far - ever gets finished, and published, and recognized by the reading public, some might wonder what Rose looked like.

This is the best picture I have taken of her so far.

I have a lot of great pictures of Cinq, Alfie, Gympy (her real name is Genji) and even Bert; but this is the only really good picture I have of Rosie. 

I don't have any pictures of Lancelot; he just appeared from that magic Ouija experience that I always have when I sit down at a keyboard, even when doing email.

But you can go to Getty images and get a stock photo of a muskrat if that level of detail is important to you.

Muskrats don't have opposable thumbs you know, so Lancelot's achievements are to be acknowledged.

But back to Rosie.

It turns out that cats with a lot of white around their chins look gooney; Rosie is not gooney, but she has a lot of white on her lower face, so most of her pictures make her look gooney; accidentally I compensated for that with this image; or maybe she knew all that and, finally gave me a decent angle.

The book's working title is The Cream Soup Spoon.

Here is Rosie.

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