Monday, March 23, 2020

Ol' Mitch Says The Democrats Won't Do What He Demands

What the Democrats are fighting for is the survival of the vast majority of Americans who are, or are about to be, on the street.  The Democrats are arguing that some amount in a one time check - $1200 say - doesn't do anything.  That huge amount of money, doled out in what amount to dribbles, doesn't have anything to do with allowing most Americans to continue living; it is just a diffuse waste of a huge amount of money; instead it should be topped off with a much larger sum and should be distributed in ongoing meaningful amounts to the large number of Americans who currently are, and, pretty much always have been, a few dollars away from disaster.

Those Americans should get a monthly living wage for either as long as the disaster persists, or until the treasury runs out of money.

The rest of us, for a while, need to hunker down and stay off the streets as much as possible.

Be aware that from the viewpoint of  Ol' Mitch and the Boys, this is an opportunity to make one last distribution to the rich (remember, most of the money in the currently being considered legislation is for bailouts to corporations and rich people; $1200 is just the bait in the trap) we are on the cusp of an opportunity for them to, in one fell swoop, create the class of serfs that they have been working toward for years.

If they can drive most of us into the streets, most of us will die; but whoever remains afterward can be effectively deployed to the fields surrounding America's elite, gated, communities.

Feudalism in one quick step.

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