Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Cuomo's Reach

We  have decided to live - or die - it out at our home on an Island.

That's - surprisingly - north of Victoria, so, it's north of Canada.

We have taken to spending a part of each morning watching the daily Andrew Cuomo briefing.

New York is a long way from our Island, and it's similarities - a huge state with a huge population, most of which lives in a huge, but dense city - to a small island with a few thousand people in the Salish Sea are, at first thought, non existent.

But, a little more thinking reveals an interesting fact: Islanders like us, just like New Yorkers, are Americans; like New Yorkers, we want to continue living, and we look to experts, reinforced by leaders, for facts, information, candor and - yes - leadership.

Governor Cuomo is such a refreshing counterpoint to the Cavalcade of Dunces that appears daily at the White House; the Dunce in Chief fades off into a cloud of hysterical reality TV laughter when compared to the Governor.

Too bad America has a sociopath pretending to be leader, but who is actually an incompetent, a liar, a huckster, a grifter and a criminal.

How many lives is it going to take?

The dunce in chief says 100,000.

That's up quite a bit higher from where he started not long ago.

I guess, he's market driven, and 100,000 is a lot higher, and therefore better, than just a few.

But fathoming what passes as thought with donnie defies reason.

However, just when things look a little bleak something good shows up.

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