Sunday, March 15, 2020

donnie’s New Reality: Putin’s Strategy Doesn’t Work With Pandemics

You need to read The Invention of Russia to really understand this post.

But, in brief, Putin took over in 2000 and fairly quickly launched a regimen of lies, half lies, near truths, real facts, alternate facts and occasional assurances or denials from Putin himself; he dismantled the beginnings of a Russian, post Soviet free press; he got rid of broadcast media that he couldn’t control; it was a carefully orchestrated, carefully planned, ongoing barrage of stuff such that – as it was designed to do – the Russian population just quit paying attention to anything.

They just threw up their hands and tried to continue with continuing.

And Putin took everything over.

That’s what donnie has been trying to do since he was inaugurated.

The results, though, have been substantially less effective in the United States than they have been in Russia: Americans have a heritage of doubting their leaders.

But America has bred a tranche of cretins such that we have donnie as president; so the Putin plan has had measurable success and continues to grow as Fox News continues to wax as the mouthpiece of the regime.

It’s going to be interesting from here on out, though.

When a disease against which we have no defense begins to run rampant upon the land, even Fox nurtured cretins begin to have doubts about the great leader’s heterogenous mélange of calculatedly various and sundry misinformation: after all, even cretins can recognize dead people; when that happens all bets in favor of the great leader begin to fall by the wayside.

And heads, the great leader’s among them, begin to appear on the pillars of the walls around our cities.

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