Monday, March 9, 2020

It Was A March Beautiful Day

Today was a March beautiful day.

The criterion for that assignation is that the day needs to be beautiful, and in the month of March.

The utility of this concepts is easily illustrated: if a day like today were to occur in July, we would be saying, "beautiful day for March".

And so on for all the months and all the days you choose to conjure. 

In the northern hemisphere the concept of a beautiful day being attached to a specific month is made possible by the differing weather one expects, in the northern hemisphere, across the months as they pass through time.

It is not possible for this concept to exist in, say, Florida or Vietnam.

In those places every day is like being engulfed in a drippy wet warm washrag.

Not so where I am.

Today was a March Beautiful Lopez Island day.

And I took advantage of that fact.

I walked the tombolo and took what pictures I could find.

For example I found a large cluster of daffodils.

And a great blue heron winked at me and posed.

And a bufflehead turned his head but I got a picture anyway.

And then there was the guest from really distants lands.
Luckily donnie doesn't have any control of the San Juan Islands.
We are an open border place.
And we love all of our immigrants.

Here are a couple pictures of a Eurasian Teal.

 Welcome Mr. Teal.
 We are sorry and embarrassed about the orange scourge.

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