Sunday, March 15, 2020

A Curious Confluence

The opening of the movie Back to the Future among other things, features an automated can opener opening a can of dog food and dumping it into a dish that is already overfull of previously opened cans of dog food.

The large pile of putrefying uneaten dogfood has accumulated because Doc and Einstein are long gone; the can opener will continue, however, as long as the rather copious supply of unopened cans holds out; or until an unpaid electric bill shuts off the electricity.

I was just looking at my online bank account.

All the bill pays, all the automatic plus and minus transactions are all taking place as usual.

I couldn’t help but wonder if the money populating all those transactions will have continued to flow, and the electric bills driving the computers that dutifully continue to post: plus, minus, move, will have continued to be paid when some future post-Covid Marty barges into my financial automated dogfood feeder.

And will there be a financial dogfood dish full to the brim with the surplus dollars resulting from my having joined Doc and Einstein elsewhere and not having had use for the surplus?

But then as my friend Jack used to say about me: I am an odd duck.


A Curious Confluence is the title of my first novel.

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