Friday, March 13, 2020

I Guess Kelly Ann Got Changed Into A Doctor

As a resident of Washington State I can attest to the fact that the woman doctor currently speaking is no more than a shill for donnie, just like ol’ Kelly Ann.

I guess if you have enough “alternate facts” it’s possible to banish the boogie man.

Or the virus.

We actually need action a month ago, not fantasies today.

We actually need tests – almost no one in Washington State is getting tests.

Because there aren’t any, at least here in Washington State.

For more on that listen to the Podcast of The Daily (NYT – Why the US wasn’t ready for the corona-virus).

But then donnie doesn’t live on our planet so he doesn’t need to worry about things like viruses.

Or tests.

But it’s good to assert them into existence.

Great for the numbers.

As we wind the press conference down we hear donnie’s other ne'er-do-wells and lackeys saying stupid stuff so donnie doesn’t look too bad.

Good idea.

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