Monday, March 9, 2020

Tweet And Shout

As the United States continues to follow the world into the unknown nether world of a pandemic involving an incurable disease agent, the country continues to move forward as best it can due to the competence and dedication of all non federal segments and levels of the United States health care system.

The federal government has taken a bye.

donnie spends most of his time blaming various miscreants – the press and the Democrats are his favorites - for covid-19.

I guess blaming and flailing is a lot more satisfying – and much easier – than knowing or doing anything constructive.

But luckily for the moron in chief there aren’t aren’t any American analogues to this situation, so we can’t all point and shout “why isn’t he acting like…”?

This hasn’t happened before – specifically a massive life threatening disease on the march – so we can’t shout about how far donnie is missing the mark; we know he is; we just don’t have any historical specific to point to.

The post world war I flu pandemic doesn’t qualify as a parallel experience because we just didn’t know much about diseases at the time.

So we can’t draw on that experience to divine what one might want from our president as far as leadership is concerned; that is, unless, since Wilson didn’t do anything, we can heap accolades on donnie; he’s doing something; he’s shouting, tweeting and blaming; that’s something.

Anyway: this morning the flip side of the coronavirus crisis – the stock market crash – took on its inevitable next, and really ominous phase.

The price of gold is dropping.

That means that we are either on the brink of or actually in a liquidity crisis.

That means we are on the brink of the whole system in which we live seizing up and being unable to produce goods and services.

Services like hospitals and stuff.

The last time – we have historical analogues for this one – this happened Secretary Paulson and President Bush put their heads down, kept their mouths shut and got the apparatus at their disposal into gear and got Congress and the Federal Reserve to do the things necessary to un-freeze the system.

The didn’t complain; they didn’t blame; they didn’t tweet and shout.

They just acted like leaders, and what they did buoyed spirits even as what they were doing laid the long range structure for recovery and a return to prosperity.

And the hand off to President Obama was flawless.

And he neither blamed, nor tweeted, nor shouted, nor threatened.

He just took the hand off and ran with it, augmenting and improving it where necessary.

And that started us back to the longest expansion in the history of the United States.

As of this morning, not only are our lives in peril, our ability to be beneficiaries of a modern economy is in serious question.

And if donnie’s blame and tweet approach to leadership moves on from our health to our economic existence, if he dons his stupid red hat with some inane saying on it and runs off to bask in the adoring crowds of similarly configured cretins, and if he continues to be nothing but a petulant spoiled child, instead of actually, finally, becoming President, we are just so screwed.

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