Friday, March 13, 2020

History: Things Keep Coming Back

donnie is beginning to remind me of James Buchanan.

I think I know that at least Buchanan knew that he was incompetent.

donnie is one of those dangerous sorts who thinks he knows what he is doing.

So he tweets and shouts and blames and complains and declares national emergencies.

In the imminent case, he will be declaring the emergency long after the emergency has gotten out of the barn.

Last time he declared an emergency he started building a wall, part of which blew down recently; for the sake of all 330 or so million of us I hope he uses this declaration to see if we can get the emergency back in the barn.

But I doubt that that will occur.

I heard him in an interview yesterday praising the UK for their approach to the problem: they are depending on their “perfect” borders.

I think I see a wall looming up out of the current declaration.

The good news back in the mid 1800s was that Lincoln came after Buchanan.

I don’t see much chance of an analogue of that happening now.

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