Thursday, March 26, 2020

donnie's Imminent Gag Order

I have heard that Larry Kudlow - the Covid-19 Czar -  will announce soon that the White House will issue an order prohibiting any public discourse on the part of the nation's 50 governors.

"They are all out to get the president" was the terse statement accompanying the gag order.

Alternately, it is rumored that the president will announce that he is about to replace Anthony Fauci with Sarah Palin.

Something about expertise with death squads.

The gag order is expected to be expanded soon to cover every American living or dead.

No utterance, including written reference to statements made by Americans over history will be allowed until after the election.

"All those quotes from past presidents are all making the president look bad; those quotes are the culmination of a multi century plot to make president trump look bad; we just can't have this" said Mr. Kudlow.

Mike Pence stared blankly into space at the announcement meeting. 

His resemblance to Little Orphan Annie continues to amaze and amuse.

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