Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Real Hand At The Helm

As the state of existence that over multiple lifetimes many of us - living and dead - have always described as "our world" is palpably disintegrating before our eyes, in real time: medical facilities imminently unable to cope, store shelves bare of product, misinformation rampant, no information common, a stock market that looks like a monkey screwing a football - a football with increasingly less air in it with each thrust up, down, up, down - we find ourselves in the apparent charge of a coterie of clowns.

And the contrivedly trumpian messaged and fantasy fueled meetings of these clowns increasingly resemble those wonderful old time Muppet movie shorts that were made for business meetings, we the leaderless can only quake in place.

Or, in lieu of such pointless activity, we can pour another cup of rye and ponder our fate.

Among the clowns:

As the disintegration gains pace these clowns on an increasingly alarming basis appear in "press conferences" and proffer various inane observations, assertions and actions.

And the disintegration continues.

This morning I discovered a ray of hope.
Somebody is really in charge.
And I am glad it is someone who is manifestly competent.

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