Sunday, August 22, 2021

Catch Up On Images 22 August 2021

 As things continue to worsen worldwide it may be entertaining to see some pictures.

Here are, what I hope, are some that are representative of that genre.


This is made of fiber glass and in Bordeaux.

In Entre du Mers

On Iceberg Point on Lopez Island.

Lopez island

Outside our window on Lopez island: flickers are beautiful birds; this one is male. The female doesn't have red cheeks.

A Lopez European Hare

The next two are on the tombolo.

Algerian War Memorial

Assemblee Nationale

Canal St Martin

In Screen Saver I adopted the cycle of the chestnuts as a metaphor for a clock.  This is about 0012.

This is 2300.

Detritus as art: Paris has a lot of it.

A Parisian was living here; I think it was more of a statement than an accommodation.

I think this is Ile de St Louis.

La Frégate

An ecluse on Canal St Martin

The naval of the Universe

Back behind the naval and in the snow

Out front of the naval

Parrot inspecting nesting site

At the terminus of rue de Seine, I think

Better times

There is a bridge in Parc des Buttes Chaumont from which interesting things can be seen.

A decent Public Works Department would line things up.

I think that this is the Tour de la Eglise St Jacques.

The City of Light

Long ago and far away

On the Tiber

Rome, Rome I love you.

Genesee Meadows 

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