Thursday, August 12, 2021

Packets Don't Lie

 From Newsweek: "Lindell said the "cyber guys"—technological experts who are Certified Information Systems Security Professionals—will apparently show "packet captures" that prove that votes were flipped from Trump to the election's winner, now-President Joe Biden."

Lindell is The Pillow Guy.

The Internet is built upon a capability called packet switching.

The most rudimentary way to describe packet switching is that every burst of information presented to the network is immediately sliced up into some number of pieces small enough to shoot down the network like corn through a goose.

As far as I know, there is nothing about content in those packets; content has nothing to do with moving data over the net, and content does engage some pretty gnarly privacy issues.

But packet creation is the rock upon which the Internet has built its church.

Intuition would say that that is a protocol designed for pandemonium.

Luckily there is intelligence in the design: huge arrays of omniscient umpires - routers - are notified immediately of everything that it is necessary to know about each packet so that they can be put back together and delivered as intended.

Those routers remember, and then forget, an amount of stuff that, in human terms might as well be described as infinite.

And they do this micro-second by micro-second.

My grasp of this technology stops with what I have written to this point.

I don't know if there is an audit trail built in to the IP component of TCP/IP, but I'm pretty sure that if there is, going back and accessing any component of it resembles following whatever it is that scientists have been recently following back to get a glimpse of the Big Bang.

That is as close to time travel as humans have accomplished so far.

Packets are employed with everything that traverses the Internet.

When I hit "Publish" on this text it's gone into packet-land.

That's what occurred with votes coming off of any voting machines that were internet enabled on 3 November 2020.

What The Pillow Guy alleges, and says he is going to prove with help from some "cyber guys" is that China (I thought all that search for bamboo in the ballot paper was to prove beyond a shadow that Vietnam rigged the election - but I guess China handed off rigging the mail-in vote to Vietnam) sat like a massive cyber ant lion grabbing all the packets that had fragments of millions of votes, re-assembling each and switching them from trump - donnie really won with 95% of the popular vote (a number straight out of The Strongman Handbook) to Biden; what he is leaving out is that China also employed a vast array of thermostats to switch the votes at point of voting; I don't know if the thermostats were not fully successful and packets leaked past them, making interception of the "for all practical purposes infinite" voter machine packet stream a fail safe necessity, or if they just wanted to be doubly sure they fixed the vote.

In any case it was an accomplishment similar to tracking the various particles involved in an incipient nuclear explosion, modifying their trajectories and stopping the explosion in its tracks.

What The Pillow Guy is going to present, he says, is a reverse re-engineering of the Chinese Election Fix.

I suppose that's all possible?

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