Sunday, August 15, 2021

Joe, You Need To Talk To Us - Post Haste

 These are screen captures from today's PBS NewHour.

Mr. President we need to hear, in depth, sans bullshit, what America can or will do about this.

Some of us have seen this show before.

Speaking only for myself, I don't like it much.


They aren't using Hueys for evac this time, I guess; when you need to bug out in a hurry you need bigger choppers. Saigon was a pretty big city and the Cong took awhile to get to the Embassy; the Taliban are either quicker, or Kabul is a smaller city than was Saigon, so they got there fast. 

I have seen pictures that I don't have for posting of the Taliban in the Afghani government chambers that are kinda like Washington DC, 6 January 2021.

Ghani's departure totally reminds me of the New years Eve episode in Havana in Godfather Two.

This is as close to  "take them off the roof" as we're gonna get this time, apparently. That will whitewash some history which is, I guess, a good thing.

Back and forth as we play the fiddle while (choose one) Rome/America/Kabul burns.  Figuratively speaking of course in the case of America and, apparently, Kabul; the power structure just rolled over and exposed its soft underbelly to the invader and said, please don't close the Starbucks.

When I was in Saigon I suggested to no one in particular, but to everyone who would listen in the Ton Son Nhut Officers Club that we divert all the money we were spending on the "war effort" to getting a huge fleet of bulldozers that would be started north just at the northern part of Saigon; the dozers would bull down all vegetation and be followed immediately behind by asphalt laying machines and, behind them by fast food construction apparati.

The idea was that somewhere on the way to Hanoi everybody who lived in proximity to this novel approach to warfare would be so fat and happy that they would begin to wonder what they were fighting about and would just go home and start acting normal.

I guess we sorta tried that in Afghanistan and it failed.

But it's not all screwed up like Saigon, I hear tell.

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