Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Potpourri For 11 August 2021

 Fires in Oregon.

Fires in Washington.

Fires in California - one is the biggest in state history, after last year's biggest, in state history.

I think I have heard that there are fires in Wisconsin.

And fires in Michigan.

There for sure are.

Fires in Greece.


Fires in Algeria.

Lots of people ruined.

Lots of homes and businesses destroyed.

Here and there.

Across the world.

By fire.

And water.

Just from memory: destructive flash floods in Germany, Belgium, Holland, China - I think there have been more in the last few days, but that's all I can remember.

As I write this.

Taliban has run a blitzkrieg.

Kabul will fall in 90 days.

That is probably optimistic.

Kabul will probably fall over the coming weekend.

Florida is importing ventilators.

Ol' Ronnie denies that; "never heard of such a thing".

But the facts keep piling up.

Against Ol' Ronnie and all of his kin.

Of bullshit artists, purveyors of chicanery, fake fact providers, republicans and wanna be despots.

All across the world.

And on and on and on and on.

Nothing is better by knowing any of this.

But at least, in the waning days of what we once thought we were, we still can know stuff.

I guess.

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