Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The Tunnel At Which There Is A Light At Its End?

 I have been watching a PBS interview - Judy Woodruff - of Craig Whitlock, the Washington Post reporter and author of the ironically titled book The Afghanistan Papers.


Westmoreland has been brought back.

The light at the end of the tunnel is the mission.

That's also how it was in 1967 when I was at 7AF HQ; my job was to document the light at the end of the tunnel.

So now:

Another stupid war.

But it can be stupidified into the ashbin of history.

And maybe the cumulative "we" have eluded that ashbin.

"We" shall see.

With time.

But at least the third of three stupid wars in my lifetime has come to an end.

And thank god for a president with the guts to end it.

Thousands - at least this time we figured out how to minimize deaths (but not casualties) - of dead men and women supported that mission.

What a waste.

Because it was a stupid war; that was not their fault; they were sold a fake bill of goods; just like the draftees in the 60's.

They were patriots, mostly, (the few of their still-living compatriots who chose to attempt to overthrow the Republic on January 6, 2021 are a minority, albeit, a troubling minority) and we owe them at least the same respect we give to our Vietnam Veterans when we stop to give them a dollar or two at their street-side haunts.

At least that much respect.

So Ol' Kevin and Ol' Mitch and Ol' Jim the Monkey Man are going to rave and slaver about the fact that Joe Biden accepted the buck when it stopped on his desk.

I wonder what General Washington would say - I probably am going to conjure a blog post about what that might be, soon - but I think he would not have brooked gutless traitors like Ol' Mitch, Ol' Kevin - and the Boys.

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