Wednesday, August 4, 2021

IBM To The Rescue Part Two

 Recently I posted IBM To The Rescue.

Since then the City of New York has made proof of vaccination mandatory if you want to go into a bar, restaurant or any other public gathering place.

You can prove your vaccination status in several ways; hands down the easiest is using the Excelsior App, developed by IBM in conjunction with New York State.

Here is a picture of how it works.

It's a QR Code - just like the menu at your favorite Mexican restaurant.

In the case of Excelsior, the code verifies your HIPPA protected vaccination record.

Show it at the door and go have a martini.

Or a plate of nachos...

Or anything fun...

And you don't even need a smart phone; you can print the code on paper of your choosing and carry that around with you.

This is such a good deal that I can't figure out why the everybody wouldn't want this app.

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