Thursday, August 12, 2021

Images For !2 August 2021


I have no idea where I took this.

I thought a lunar eclipse required a slow shutter.

The little bottle on the right is 375 ML.

A Paris cookie image

I never stop loving this place.

Rue St Andre des Artes

Rue de Seine before it became the corporate name.

On the way to le Jardin des Plantes

The opening scene from Last Tango in Paris was shot here; for some reason Chinese-about-to-be-marrieds like to get their pictures taken here.

The metro is a world apart; I love it.

Another merle noire

I love this place.


English sparrow in le Jardin du Luxembourg

I guess it's Napoleon's tomb.

Life on the Seine

Another crow picture; they are pretty good subjects in Paris.

Make of this what you will.

It's the shrimp.

Across from an amazing niche de marché:

I go take pictures at the aquarium when it rains heavily.

Hat Rock

Killdeer and  barnacles

Rose hawes

Wars were fought over the bulbs of this PNW native.


I always forget the name of this plant.

So hurry

For Jeannie

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