Monday, March 28, 2022

A Rose From Promenade Plantee

 When I mount the steps back up behind the new Paris Opera at la Bastille, I am always amazed that a totally urban place in a very large modern city can transform into a magical ecological niche.

But, once up the steps, I am in that magical place,

Two things of the many that I have seen there are especially unique.

Unique is a commonly misused word: but the white rose in the picture here is a rose that I have only seen on la Promenade.

In all my walks in Paris.

And I have walked from rue Guénégaud to Metro Pont de Neuilly more than once.

That's a long walk.

There is an island, les Ile des Cygnes, that can be accessed from a staircase down to the Island from the Nueilly and has a rose garden; there are no roses as white at those on la Promenade.

Also, on la Promenade, I usually see some female merles noirs.

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