Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Now's The Time For MOAB

 A while back I published a post that suggested that the United States has a conventional weapon that, if given to the Ukrainians might be very helpful in dealing with the Russians.

Now that the Russians have formed a forty-mile-long string of military vehicles and tanks the time has come to deploy it.

Forty miles of slow-moving things that apparently are intermittently running out of fuel is as classic a form of a sitting duck as it is possible to imagine.

We have a conventional bomb that has a yield of 11 tons of TNT; some call it MOAB - the mother of all bombs.

They can be delivered by C-130 aircraft.

It would seem to me that ten C-130/MOABs should be given to the Ukrainians ASAP. 

220,000 pounds of TNT, artfully delivered over forty miles of trucks and tanks, probably would slow the Russians down a little.

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