Monday, March 7, 2022

From Carole Cadwalladr Of The Gaurdian

 "We didn’t know it then. But we do now. Because the first stage in Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was an attack on information. He distorted reality, injecting the toxin of fake news – a military strategy that he deployed against us at the exact same moment across the exact same platforms.

"We knew this because it’s laid out in forensic and exhaustive detail in what may be one of the most misunderstood documents of modern times: the Mueller report. We just failed to understand what it meant.

"But now we can and must understand, because the curtain has been lifted. Putin has been at war with us for the last eight years. A man we realised last week is the Wizard of Oz. He’s a man hiding behind a curtain, a veil of lies. A man hiding behind a curtain with a stash of nuclear warheads.

"We finally have the light we need to see him for who he is, to understand the war he has been waging against us in plain sight, aided by his quisling western allies – Fox News and all the chocolate soldiers of 'the war on woke'. It just may be too late."


Anyone who has read this Blog over the years knows that I didn't fail "to understand what it meant".

It, the Mueller Report, said it so clearly that it couldn't be missed: trump and his lackies and hangers on had myriad meetings, exchanges, encounters and bases touched throughout campaign 2016.

Although not a part of the excruciating detail of Russian involvement provided by the Report, the obvious net result of the Russian Connection was an avalanche on social media of Russian engineered, surgically placed lies, half-truths, truths out of or with no context, much of it racially targeted, that caused enough blue leaning voters in a few states - states with large troves of electoral college votes - to not vote.

So trump won the presidency.

The Mueller Report, having documented all of those encounters drew the conclusion that conspiracy is probably too hard to prove to cause Mr. Mueller, a high-powered lawyer, to recommend prosecution.

Leaving Putin Land, but staying in the Mueller Report, Mueller went on to document 10 instances of clear obstruction of justice by trump.

But he said it wasn't his place to recommend prosecution.

That function, he implied, belonged to the House of Representatives and the Senate: impeachment and trial.

Just before the Mueller Report was to be released to the American People William Barr gave a short statement to the media that said the Report completely exonerated the President and then went back to work on his job as consiglieri to the Don.

And the great gullible American People nodded knowingly, repeated "completely exonerated" and moved on to whatever new shiny object had captured their attention; they certainly didn't read the Mueller Report; Fat Billy had already told them what the Report said; they're all multi-tasking geniuses, but they don't like reading to be one of their multiple tasks.

So, the indictment from that little episode is not of Fat Billie; it is of us - the American People and our education system, a system that has turned out an alarming hoard of anti-intellectual non-critical-thinking ciphers.

Oh, and the republican party.

I add them to "Fox News and all the chocolate soldiers of 'the war on woke'."

That's formidable list. 

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