Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Putin's Generals Better Keep Checking Their Underwear

 It's been impossible for me to get any clarity on anything near specifics related to Russia's war on Ukraine.

All I that I have been able to discern is that there are a whole bunch of Russians, presumably in the normal distribution of enlisted, NCO and Officer Corps, bearing down on various parts of Ukraine; but all the reports I have ever heard have left me with no other description of the force than that it could best be described as a "hoard".

How Russian.

But now two weeks in, with things not going very well for Puty, I assume Puty is giving orders to get rid of some of the generals, assuming the hoard has any - generals.

"Best to have less generals and more enlisted men not wanting to die of a mysterious poison", I heard Puty muttering at the lonely end of a huge table.

Those generals better check their underpants incessantly.

I'm not clear on how much that might undermine the mission.

But it should make good fodder for President Zelensky.

He was, after all, a standup comedian before he became an international hero.

Puty has always considered himself at least as good as Lieutenant Hauk and having Adrian Cronauer successfully leading a vassal state against him probably pisses him off.

 I guess Zelensky needs to add hourly underpants check to his various other duties.

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