Friday, March 25, 2022

Mr. Putin, I Knew Adolph Hitler, And You Are No Adolph Hitler

 A friend recently referred me to a link to some guy who had just been defrocked by Twitter who was interviewing some guy named Scott Ritter.

The defrocked guy spent the first five minutes of the video decrying his heinous de-frockment.

That was boring.

Then Scott came on.

Then it got really boring.

It also got strange.

Imagine hearing Mike Lindell trying to quote real statistics or facts.

The delivery method of Q loses its piquancy when purveyed by someone masquerading as not being a nut.

Scott Ritter says he is not a nut.

 One of Scott's recurring themes was that the Russian army has been amazing in its surgical use of force: nobody killed, lots of important military targets destroyed and the Ukrainian People in the streets welcoming the Russians.

He pointed out that the comparison to Putin's Ukrainian onslaught and Hitler's blitzkrieg was an invidious one: the Russians had taken over Ukraine in way less time than it had taken Hitler to take Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg.

Putin, asserted Ol' Scott, had taken Ukraine before the Moscow Evening News of day one of his special military operation,

A quick web search revealed that Hitler had taken Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg in 18 days; when I heard Scott, the Russian army had been stalled in Ukraine for 20 days; they were nowhere near taking anything.; they were licking their wounds and hoping to raid Ukrainian root cellars for food.

And just for fun, they were bombing hospitals, old folks' homes, train stations, agreed-to humanitarian corridors and anything else that could be destroyed without endangering the fragile little Russian youths that had been sent to kill all their Slavic brethren,

"I think it has been a long 20 days and counting, not evening news time in day one", I said to myself on day 20.

"Thirty-one now" I thought I heard someone say, as I finished this sentence.

So, Scott Ritter and his hook-nosed, "I am a victim of crimes against humanity" accomplice notwithstanding, "Mr. Putin, I Knew Adolph Hitler, And You Are No Adolph Hitler".

And that is a good thing.

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