Friday, March 25, 2022

I Understand Ginny Thomas

 My last duty station in my Air force interlude was at HQ SAC in Omaha.

Because I was an 02 when I got there, and an 03 when I departed to return to civilian life, I was too low in rank to live on the base.

So we lived in Omaha.

Not far from Creighton.

Where Ginny got whatever education she got.

God, I hated Omaha.

Ugly is all I can remember of it.

I was so lucky to get out for four of the twelve months of my life that could have been wasted there: I got to go to Japan for Combat Fox.

If that hadn't happened I think I would be more unbalanced than I am.

But Ginny was stuck in Omaha, apparently.

No wonder she wants to destroy the United States and has no concept of, or respect for, its Constitution.

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