Saturday, March 12, 2022

The Spine Of The Tuileries

 This is from Screen Saver:

"The spine of the Tuileries was a flint gravel path connecting two reflecting ponds with fountains and leading into the maw of the Louvre. 

"If there had been a rain the flint was mixed with a kind of clay-like mud.  

"If the weather was dry the mud was sandy dust.  

"In either case, there was something about the dust, mud and flint that made me feel as if I were at the entrance to a time portal which would let me see Napoleon’s carriage careening by on the night someone had tried to assassinate him. 

"Or that I would get caught up in the crowd of red-hatted rioters on their way to Louis’s and Marie Antoinette’s quarters to make them declare for the Revolution.  

"I frequently picked up a piece of flint that looked as if it had a story to be told.  

"The mud, sand, dust and flint of the Tuileries were always a source of unexplainable magical joy to me."

This is a picture I once took in the Tuileries.

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