Wednesday, September 28, 2022

A Letter To Vladimir The Diminished

 Mr. Vladmir Putin
The Kremlin 
Moscow. Russia 103132

Dear Mr. Putin:

We, the people of the world are writing this letter to discuss a few things with you by asking some questions.

First on our list is, what gives you, a single human being, license to decide that an adjacent country is not a country, and, not being a country, should have all of its high-rise residences, all of its single-family homes, all of its railroad stations, all of its supermarkets, all of its shopping malls, all of its dams, all of its cropland and all of its standing crops destroyed?

How do you have that right of decision, and how does not being a country, even if that were true, which it is not, give you the right to reduce that landmass to rubble?

Even if it were not a country, forty-four million of our fellow beings and their cherished dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs and too many other non-human citizens to mention here, live there; and they have lived there for at least a thousand years.

Please don't consider question one to be confined only to the war crimes enumerated; they are all we could remember as we write this letter.

If you have defense for your myriad other atrocities and war crimes, please feel free to respond.

Second on our list is, why should anyone, anywhere, accept that a bunch of pieces of paper in boxes from theatrically trumped-up polling places and/or from people's homes where your goons with guns have accosted them and told them they must vote, and told them how they must vote, unless they want to hear the gun go off, in a geographic area that has been reduced to rubble by you and yours, constitute a plebiscite that has given you the go-ahead to annex a sovereign country's territory to yours?  

Third on our list is, how do you justify the robbery, rape, murder, terror and mayhem - to mention the major tactics - meted out by your military minions in the sovereign country which you have chosen to invade?

Finally, we come to the real question, which is the pivotal question and the crux of this letter.

What makes you think that, when you launch your first nuclear weapon, that you are going to win something?

What will happen immediately following that asinine action will demonstrate many things, but primarily among them, it will demonstrate that there are only losers in nuclear war.

Your billion dollar palace will be ash as will the rest of us, as will you.

We all lose.

So, fuck you very much,

Signed For: The People of the World

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