Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Tale Of The Domino Bomb (How It All Went Blooie In 2022)

 From Jake Epstein of Business Insider

Ex-CIA officer says Putin is 'completely cornered' and the chances of him using tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine are increasing 'by the day'

An ex-CIA officer said Putin has been backed into a corner over his months-long war in Ukraine. 

Robert Baer told CNN that the Russian leader is unlikely to deescalate, given all his setbacks.

Baer also said the chances that Putin turns to tactical nuclear weapons are increasing. 

As military setbacks in Ukraine force Russian President Vladimir Putin into a corner, the odds that he turns to tactical nuclear weapons continue to increase, an ex-CIA officer said.  

"I think the chances of his de-escalating are close to zero ... he simply cannot give up so much ground and be seen to be losing and continue as leader of Russia," Robert Baer, a former CIA case officer, told CNN on Tuesday.

"The chances of his using nuclear weapons — at least tactical nuclear weapons — is going up by the day," Baer added.


About seven months ago one man with delusions of lost ancient empire invaded the land of Kiev Russe with the intent of setting up a puppet regime to replace an emerging, democratic, western leaning Ukraine.

"Forty-eight Hours" echoed down the halls of the Kremlin, even into the room with the very long table where the gnome sat dreaming of a miniature empire in the near abroad; "forty-eight hours".

Seven months and up to 80,000 Russian casualties later the gnome is in trouble.

Even after all the terror, torture, rape, murder, mayhem and mass civilian graves that the Russians apparently think are a valid substitute for modern, surgical special military operations, even after all the destroyed homes, churches, shopping malls, train stations, apartment buildings, even after all the burned and destroyed crops and cropland, even after all those war crimes Ukraine continues to prevail.

If 300,000 untrained, undisciplined rag-tags swept up from the streets of the Russian outback can't turn the tide of inexorable Ukrainian victory the gnome says he's going nuclear.

I always thought that the script for the end of the world would have motifs and themes grand and sweeping, not small, pointless and stupid.

But T.S. Eliot called it with amazing accuracy.

And the world stands by saying "Uh Oh; Uh Oh".

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