Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Rethinking And An Apology

My knee jerk reaction to 13 November was to speak in anger.


Even in anger I attempted to leaven what I said with what I thought was a rational, trigger mechanism, if-then statement.

And I think  – in a perfect world – it would stand any test of reason or fairness.

Even allowing for the underlying anger.

But there is no perfect world, and I know that, at least as well as anybody.

Luckily my own countrymen have risen up in demagogic, and self serving fury, and they have called my bluff.

If indeed it had been a bluff.

Which I would have bet it hadn’t been.

But whatever it might have been, they have called it.

And I am sorry for saying something that has element of being opposed to something in which I deeply believe.

Which is that is that we all ought to be able to go and live and contribute where we can best realize whatever it is that it means to be human.

The various – 27 strong – governors of various United States states who are saying they will not allow Syrian refugees into their states are both charlatans (they can’t call that shot) and chicken shit assholes.

But then, as I understand it, all but one are republicans.

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