Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Let Them Eat Chocolate

I mentioned in a previous post that Mysti, when she doesn’t want to come to Paris and I do, assigns me quests.

The night gown quest is still in process.

But today I completed, avec panache, je pense, un autre.

She sent me this David Lebovitz post:


and told me to go get her a “treat”.

And to talk to the lady and tell her we wanted to support her.

So I did.

Since the place is just off rue Blanche, which is how I walk from Isle de la Cité to Montmartre, I knew more or less where it was.

And I added the personal quest of buying some miel de bruyere; I added a first leg to a two legged quest: go to le Maison de Miel.

And that turned out well because I learned how to get to la Madeleine in the way a rational human would do it rather than the way I – a no sense of direction human – have always done it.

I got to Maison de Miel, found out that bruyere comes in at least three flavors, from three different places and bought one of each.

From le Maison de Miel I went on to Boulevard Haussmann and retail row.

The windows had gone Christmas.

paris au printemps vitrine 111715 00000

I went up the side of Galeries Lafayette to l’glis de Trinité and up the side of the church on rue Blanche and wiggled around a few streets and got to the quest de chocolate.


Fifty seven euros later I left feeling fulfilled.

In the store I had occasion to talk to a woman who was part of two kibitzers in the place.

She was nice.

As I waited for the never ending 57 euro gift box to be created she and I exchanged various pleasantries.

Among them, I told her how sorry I was for Paris and for France for 13 Novmbre.

She shrugged, and said “we must not want to be safe – we should eat chocolate”.

I guess we must have known each other in another life.


I have never seen the Tuileries this vacant:

paris tuilleries panorama 111715 00000

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