Saturday, November 14, 2015

Muslims Can’t Keep Having It Both Ways

According to the BBC, yesterday's attacks were conducted by native born French muslims.

The truth of that, is, no doubt still undecided.

But if true, that points to something.

To me that seems to point to three previously obvious conclusions.

The second and third are entirely contingent upon the adjudication of the first.

1. Muslim populations in Western Europe and America better, damn fast, figure out how to ferret out and eliminate their "radical " brethren.

2. The muslim populations of Europe and America seem to be like a bowl of jelly: large portions of them are subject to being and are likely to be "radicalized ".

3. Ten percent of the population of a piece of Western Civilization is too many muslims.

I'm tired of this shit.

I is "radicalized".

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